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8 Odd Things Banned In Vegas

8 Odd Things Banned In Vegas As we understand it, things can get pretty out of hand in Las Vegas. Many travel there with the sole intention of going a little crazy, so you can bet that the scene gets pretty rowdy from time to time. You would logically assume that law enforcement in the area has its hands full. What you wouldn’t logically assume is some of the completely bizarre laws that Las Vegas has in place, for reasons that are not always clear. Here is a list of 8 strange things Las Vegas has outlawed.


There is an area of Las Vegas, called the Fremont Street Experience, which has clearly caused many headaches for the authorities. This list will prove that without a doubt. The area is flanked on both sides by restaurants and shops, but the central street area hosts all manner of performers, artists, and often musicians. What’s the problem? Apparently the variety of street performers can get a little out of hand. Hula-Hoops were banned due to a handful of street performers that apparently brought the Fremont Street Experience area to a standstill. The performers reportedly hogged the open space, gridlocking pedestrian traffic completely. This may not sound so bad, until you keep in mind that Las Vegas has pedestrian traffic of thousands of people. Stopping the flow of traffic is a pretty serious issue.


Back in the Fremont Street experience other performers were blasting people’s eardrums with megaphones. Again, this may not sound so bad, until you imagine a handful of performers screaming your ears off while you attempt to enjoy a cup of coffee. A number of restrictions were introduced to the Fremont Street Experience during a crackdown by authorities, who were getting tired of people constantly complaining about the conditions in the area. And if the megaphone ban didn’t convince you things were getting a little out of hand, wait until you hear about the next one.


Word is that a performer hit a tourist with a Taser as part of his performance. A magic trick? An illusion in which the person was not harmed? No. The performer literally shocked a tourist. The details of the incident are not entirely clear, but the incident prompted a ban on Tasers in the area to avoid future incidents. One might think that upping security in the Fremont Street Experience might have been preferable to an outright ban on Tasers, but if the authorities took such drastic steps you know the situation must have been out of hand.

4.Paris Hilton

Moving away from the Fremont Street Experience, Paris Hilton was banned from Vegas after she was caught with cocaine on her person. The owner of the hotel she was staying in, Steve Wynn, didn’t think it was much of a joke, and banned her from his string of hotels. She may be welcome in Vegas itself, but unfortunately she cannot enter a number of upmarket establishments as Steve Wynn didn’t take kindly to her bringing narcotics onto his premises and decided to make an example of her.

5.Feeding Pigeons

This one isn’t so bizarre, and not a difficult one to understand. Pigeons can make a real mess wherever they congregate, and encouraging them with food doesn’t help matters. Have you ever seen a park after hours, when the pigeons have gone home to roost? It isn’t a pretty sight. What is bizarre is that the law caused an enormous political stir in Vegas, with opposing parties using the situation as a way to lash out at each other. If pigeon feeding is a big issue in Vegas politics, imagine how crazy things would get if a real issue arose.

6.Bath Salts

This one may seem weird on the surface, but has good reasons behind it. Certain bath salts will make you high as a kite if smoked, with the pleasant side effects of the occasional psychotic episode. Sure, some people are now no longer having the salts they enjoy in their baths, but one can hardly blame the authorities from having a firm hand.

7.Lap Dances

This is an especially interesting one. As a city that has a reputation for things going wild, you wouldn’t think lap dances would be banned. But, a ban was placed on lap dances that involved the patron or dancer from touching one another. The reasons are a bit hazy, but whatever they are, the law is in place.

8.Feeding The Homeless

For a period of time it was illegal for a citizen to feed the homeless in parks. Plus, it was also illegal for any official goodwill operations, aimed at feeding the homeless, to operate near parks. This law was eventually overturned after enormous controversy, and it’s not difficult to understand why. If you’re heading to Vegas you now know not to hula hoop down Fremont Street dressed as Paris Hilton with a Tazer, so you’re sure to have a great time!
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