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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Players

Online casino games are about having fun, but having fun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to get better at your favourite game. Being better at a game only adds to the enjoyment, since winning more regularly, and more reliably, sure is a whole heap of fun. Practice is the key to getting better, naturally. But there are also a few key points that can help any player drastically improve their performance. Check out these 7 habits of highly effective players and see how you can implement them for yourself!

1.Self Control

Taking risks in casino games is thrilling, there is no denying this, and it is also a key part of every game. But taking a well thought out, calculated risk is what sets an average player apart from an effective one. No one is suggesting that you play like Scrooge on Christmas day, but reigning in an urge to splash out money in a high-risk situation is probably wise. Be patient and wait for the right moment. And this brings us to point number 2.

2.Be Patient

Many casino games require that you wait, sometimes for a great length of time, before striking a decisive, cash producing blow. Poker, for example, works best when you draw a decent hand before trying to make a move. Yes, it can sometimes seem like lady luck just isn’t on your side, but making a play with a lousy hand and the wrong time can often result in disaster. Waiting, being patient, and letting the tides turn is often the best move.

3.Know your Limits

Possibly the most important tip on this list, you, and every player, must always know their financial limits. Going into a high stakes game with limited funds is never a good idea. An immense pressure to win, or else have an empty account in minutes, is not the best way to approach any game. As already said, patience is key. And if you’re forced to make a move due to financial limitations, we again have a recipe for disaster. As a rule, the maximum betting limitation of a table should be about 5% of your total funds. It is a good rule to follow.

4.Get Real

You may have seen movies where a cool customer sidles into a casino, throws down a wad of cash, and walks out five minutes later as a millionaire. This is feasibly possible, but not at all how a smart person approaches a casino game. Know that casino games are not going to dish out banknotes like a malfunctioning ATM, and rather play the smart game. Leaving with a decent amount more money than your arrival is a clear, easily achievable goal. Expecting to leave with enough money to buy a second house is not. Play safe, and expect realistic returns. And this brings us too…

5.Achievable Goals And Milestones

When entering into any game, you should have a set goal; one that is realistically achievable. Though it is good for your goals to be challenging in order to test your own skills and keep them sharp, it should be a goal that is not beyond your capability. Adjust your goals according to your performance, and don’t feel the world has come to an end if you fail to achieve one. There is always next time. Another important key, and habit of effective players, is to be…


So the game isn’t going the way you planned. Things are looking bleak, and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll come anywhere near your set goal. No problem; shake up your play style approach it from a different angle, and see what happens. Being able to shift your style one way or another is important, especially if you hope to keep learning and keep getting better. Losing is not by any means a sign you are not getting better.

7.Stay Positive

The losing streaks will come, as they inevitably do, but as long as you keep your eye on the prize and push forward the tides will turn, as they also inevitably do. Remember to not chase loses and keep positive. The very nature of casino games means that you can’t win all the time, but you certainly can keep a good attitude and take full advantage when the wins start stacking up.

Remember The List

Now that you know the 7 habits of highly effective players, the ball is in your court. It’s a good idea to reread this list every once in a while, especially as you start to feel your level of skill improving. There is, however, a number 8 to add to this list, more important than all the other points combined.

8.Have Fun

Casino games are meant to be fun and if you relax and enjoy yourself, you might find the winnings soon start rolling in!

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