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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Casinos

Things You Didn’t Know About CasinosAlthough online gambling is one of the fast-growing industries in the world and is now enjoyed by millions of players, there is a whole lot about it that most people don’t know. In fact, there’s plenty about gambling in general of which even the most passionate of players are unlikely to be aware. Sure, you don’t need to know any casino trivia in order to play and win in either a land-based casino or at the countless gambling sites now available on the Web, but it certainly makes the whole experience much more fun. So, while you’re taking a breather from the slots or tables, why not learn something with which to entertain your opponents when you return? Here are our Top Five fun facts (that most people don’t know) about online and land-based casinos:

Card Counting isn’t actually Illegal

From watching films like Rounders, 21 and Casino, you might have gotten the impression that it is illegal to count cards (i.e. mentally keep track of the cards revealed in a game in order to make better decisions) in a casino. It isn’t. However, while you needn’t worry about law enforcement giving you a hard time for this rather challenging practice, the casinos don’t like it one bit and they are possibly scarier than the authorities anyway. Like it says on the door, right of admission is reserved, so most casinos can and will boot you out if they catch you counting cards. Of course, this is a non-issue for online players, who can even take actual notes if they are thus inclined.

It is Possible to have yourself Banned

Nowadays, gambling addiction is taken far more seriously than in years gone by and decent casinos (whether online or off) are concerned with the welfare of their patrons. This is why players who know they have a problem can actually request to be banned from casinos in order to protect themselves from their addiction in later moments where their resolve might waiver.

80% of Gamblers are Male

Perhaps the fact that men gamble more than women do doesn’t come as a total surprise to you but you’re unlikely to have guessed that the ratio was this unequal. The reason for this is not entirely clear but we do know that women tend to prefer slots whilst men are bigger on table games. Also, men tend to win more jackpots but they also accrue greater losses because they make riskier bets.

Lotteries Are The Most Popular

This despite the fact that you’re unlikely to find lotteries in any traditional land-based casino. Online casinos, however, are well aware of the fact that 55% of the world’s population plays some form of lottery. As a result, most good online casinos offer lottery games on their books.

Online Casinos are now the Worldwide Favourite

Despite the relative youth of the online gambling industry, the vast majority (90%, to be exact) of players now prefer to play online than in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Although a large number of players still stand by their old-fashioned favourite, the convenience, variety and greater affordability of online gambling have clearly put victory on the side of modern technology. What’s more, most of the players who choose to play online actually prefer to do their gambling on their mobile devices. Again, this can be attributed to convenience but it is also linked to the fact that more people own mobile devices than they do laptops or desktop computers. This must come in rather handy for the citizens of casino capital, Monaco, who are not legally allowed to gamble in their own state!

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