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5 Reels or 3?

The question is a tough one for many online slot game players. Should one choose a five-reel video slot game or a three-reel video slot game? What are the differences between the two? For many it is merely an aesthetic difference, with the three-reel video slots games harking back to the golden oldies and fruit classics, and the five-reel slot games representing the exciting modern era. But, underneath the visual appeal of the two respective versions, there are indeed a number of differences that can make all the difference to the outcome of the game.5 Reels or 3?

Winning the Jackpot

Players commonly assume that five-reel video slot games offer higher jackpots. This is largely because five-reel slot games are often linked by a progressive jackpot, meaning that all the games are fed by all the players, not only on one casino floor but across various casino floors. That said, the assumption that three-reel slot games do not offer large jackpots is erroneous for many reasons. For example, the Nevada law prohibits a slot machine from being removed from a casino with an unpaid jackpot. This means that many older machines remain on the floor until they have paid out the jackpot. This might just be the winning chance for a player.

The Pay Lines

Most three-reel slot games offer a single pay line, though this is not always the case. Most five-reel slot games offer a multitude of pay lines, which can in some cases be completely overwhelming to the player. However, this does not mean that three-reel slot games are easier to play. The five-reel slot game offers the player the opportunity to adjust the pay lines, so the player could play on just one pay line or on many, depending on what he wants from the game.

Features of Interest

Most three-reel slot games are simple. They offer limited symbols, no bonus symbols, and no special features. This is great for beginner players who are unfamiliar with the setup of more complicated machines. However, the five-reel slot games can be much more interesting, offering players various symbols, bonus symbols, special features, as well as interesting themes and animation sequences to keep the player entertained.

Making the Choice

There is no wrong choice to make. Players simply need to decide what they want from a slot game, that is, simplicity or complexity, ease or excitement, and then stick to whichever slot machine works best for them. Both three-reel and five-reel slot games can offer great fun and winning chances!

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