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5 Advantages Of Slots Tournaments

Slots Tournaments Everyone loves slot games, and most online casinos have more players hitting the slots than any other game. A new trend, however, has been popping up everywhere called a slot tournament, which is rapidly increasing in popularity. So what exactly is a slot tournament, and how does it benefit the average slots player? Let’s have a look at the 5 main reasons why people are starting to get into the slot tournament scene.

1.Slot Tournaments Are Competitive

In your standard game of regular slots you are only playing against the house, and there is nothing wrong with this. Regular slots also work at the pace of the player, who only has to worry about matching symbols and racking up wins. And, again, there is nothing wrong with this; regular slots are a great deal of fun. What slot tournaments do, however, is put players against one another, which adds an extra challenge and new level of entertainment. In short; slot tournaments add the competition factor, which turns regular slots into a game of beating your neighbour. The idea of tournament slots is that the person who has earned the most cash in a set time is the winner. This means that slot games are turned into a tense, fast paced game that can change dramatically in a very short space of time. By the very nature of slots a leader may be dethroned very suddenly, by someone cracking a big win and leaping forward into the lead.

2.Entry Buy Ins Are Low

Each player who gets in on a slots tournament must pay an entry fee. The good news is that entry fee buy in amount is generally very low, normally around $1. This may change depending on the tournament in question, but the amount is normally a pittance. What the player gets for their buy in is a crack at building up the biggest amount of cash possible. If the player is the winner they will win the jackpot prize for the price of their initial buy in. In other words, if the cash prize is $500, it will have been earned with an initial payment of $1. Few casino games boast that kind of cash return.

3.Cash Prizes Are A Set Amount

Speaking of the cash prizes, they are a set amount. It doesn’t matter how long you played, or how you went about earning the cash on your slot machine, the jackpot prize will always be a fixed sum of money. The prize amount is also always a pretty considerable chunk of cash, although this again depends on the slots tournament in question. Either way, earning the cash prize the normal way, via regular slot games, may not be as easy as winning it via a slots tournament. Be sure to check exactly how much the cash prize is before getting started, though, as it can vary depending on which online casino is holding the tournament, and how much they have put up as the grand prize. There are also likely to be cash prizes for second and third place.

4.Re-entry Is Possible

The risk of a slots tournament is that you go bust, as would be expected. Your initial buy in gets you a certain amount of cash to work with, which must be strategically managed to turn it into the biggest amount possible. It’s no easy task, but a skilled slot player can do it rather effectively. If, however, your cash runs out and you go broke, you are out of the tournament. Or are you? It’s all part of the challenge. Most slot tournaments allow you to buy back into the game, at the cost of another buy in amount. The second buy in may be slightly higher than the initial buy in, but getting back in the game is as easy as putting up a bit more cash. It will still be a very small amount, and a still a pretty good deal considering how much the jackpot prize will be.

5.Leader Boards Keep You Posted

One of the most entertaining aspects of online slot tournaments is that you are constantly kept up to date about other player’s progress via leader boards. The amounts currently held by each player will be displayed in order of highest to lowest, so you know exactly what you have to aim for. It is this small addition that makes slots tournaments as fun as they are, and a truly thrilling experience. Little is as enthralling as seeing you name at the top of the board, especially given how much cash is up for grabs. Get Cracking Slots tournaments are available at most online casinos, with some casinos holding tournaments on a daily basis. See when your favourite casino is having its next tournament and get in on the action. Remember, buy ins are normally so low that they are less than the cost of a regular slots session.

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